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(Research with Jie Hu & Yining Lu)

Built-in 1972, Nakagin Capsule Tower has long been popular among people. It provides us with a new possibility of future residence but is also questioned by the public. Nowadays, with the fast development of the city, The Capsule tower is surrounded by a totally different environment with modern highrises. Therefore, our proposal is to improve the quality of the residence with the Design Explorer. 

By increasing the distance between each floor, adjusting the number of units on each floor, rotating two towers separately and changing the position of two towers, we can get the scores of daylight, privacy, FOV(field of view), noise and  Ratio of PU(Public Area)/ PR(Private Area). 


At the same time, we can provide the residents with a better view and sunshine duration. It enables us to find a balance among various outputs and better solutions to improve the living quality of the Nakagin Capsule Tower with limited urban space.

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