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By summarizing the historical memory of the city and the complex behavior of the city, we will design and update the city as a strategic means of urban development. The former Eight Guards Army Battalion is centered on the imperial power, and the Royal Guard is the main responsibility. The design group in the middle of the group constitutes a life group centered on the Yuanmingyuan, and activates the history to a certain extent while satisfying the basic needs of life, and maintains the orderly development of their respective urban functions, reshaping the large urban expansion areas. Urbanity that gradually disappeared due to rapid expansion.

We carry out the renovation and construction of the site within a four-year cycle. The first phase is for the renovation and renovation of urban villages and existing old ones; the second phase after this is the optimization of residential areas and the introduction of certain commercial and community functions; the third stage is based on the former The population growth expectations brought about by the two phases, the improvement of infrastructure and the incremental development of residential buildings; the fourth phase is the incremental development of community and office functions based on community location differences; the fifth phase On this basis, we will strengthen the protection of historical memory and culture in the region, and therefore build a number and scale of cultural and educational facilities.

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