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These days, with smartphones, flexible work options, cloud storage, and our increasing mobility, it seems that work has invaded every aspect of our lives. What used to be considered the bedroom is now an office, what used to be a leisurely afternoon at a café is now a meeting, what used to be public space is now a convention center…Far from liberation, however, this invasion increasingly looks like submission.


Where are the areas for creativity? For dreaming? The concept is to explore methods of making space for play and education within a continuous circulation network.


Different colors represent different spatial functions. Red demarcates classroom spaces, and orange represents the playground area; architecture is conceived throughout the entire building as "in-between" education and play.

Classrooms are designed with a greater sense of regularity with traditional stairs and flat flooring while the playground areas include ramps and slopes to provide children with richer spatial experiences. We are going to reinvent the future!

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