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(Research with Yifan Deng)

The project aims to design a chair by creating a cantilever structure in such a way that it maximizes stiffness and stability while ensuring that no members exceed their structural capacity.


Our workflow firstly defines the geometry shape of the cantilever chair. Then find nodes on the outer surface and populate the inner line in the geometry to control the position of inner nodes. After that, we used different ways to define inner nodes, and merge the inner and outer points as one group. 

We set up an elimination for the longest component and connected the nodes which finally became the structure of the chair.  

The models calculate and optimized for 100 generations with 25 different designs in each. And we find that most of the design models concentrate on the weight range from 2.6 to 3.6 kilograms and the displacement from 15mm to 20mm. The optimal value often appears in several concentrated areas such as 15mm displacement, and the two objectives exhibit a linear inverse relationship.


Both of the objectives showed a better result with time and generation adding on. And both of the optimal value areas of them tend to be fixed. This is because the structure is becoming more and more stable. When the size of the components and the number of inner nodes present a convergence trend, the structure will inevitably converge to a limited number of forms.

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