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The competition base is located in the Panjinhong Beach Wetland Park in Liaohekou. The reeds and the shrubs form a special wetland landform for its stretch of beaches. The unique ecological environment and special vegetation types form their unique ecological foundation and have nourished the wild. Ecological functions such as animals, water conservation, flood control, and flood discharge are also important and irreplaceable in maintaining regional ecological security and improving the ecological environment.


Our scheme attempts to define the building rules by life and nature. Naturally, it is the material basis to which life depends. In many lives, human beings can not only work and create according to their own needs but also can produce according to the scale of different species. activity. Architecture is the habitat of human creation, and it exists in nature. We try to re-interpret the construction law from the perspective of life and nature, with the concept of the Ark as the concept, and the relationship between humans and nature.

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