(Competition with Shoutuo Lv, Xinran Zheng)

In order to create a new generation of a commercial entertainment complex in the early 21st century, we need to explore new economic forms and the willingness of the current society. Architecture is no longer just a space supporting role for human activities, but a fundamental way to attract customers and create new dynamic leisure experiences.
In this context, the commercial complex will be the stage for public events – a true glass showcase.


Through innovative and efficient internal and external space configurations, retail commercial complexes can provide a composite entertainment experience for the wider public. It will integrate entertainment, consumption, and celebrations. People can enjoy activities from shopping, dining, swimming to life in a vivid and diverse atmosphere. In the long run, the sustainability and success of a new facility depend on the shaping of public space, requiring designers to integrate multiple dimensions of business, culture, and leisure, and to express specific social values through the spatial organization.