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Guangyu Wang, a newly graduated student from Columbia GSAPP, is practiced in traditional architecture design work and exploring the potential of technologies in the architecture field. His working experience includes projects of different functions and scales. Including schematic design of competitions and public projects, building the Revit model (PD - Structure and Facade), and finishing construction drawings (CD). He has also been working under the supervision of Lead Architects as I worked on the schematic design (SD) for a commercial complex in the CBD area in Beijing, which gave me the professional experience of how architects begin with a new project and what modern architecture could do for contemporary issues. He has also been working on technical and design development such as construction drawings and renderings of large public projects and attending meetings with clients and correspondence with for residential project approval.

In Columbia GSAPP, he further developed his skills in computational workflows from a varies of seminars such as the X information modeling which mainly focused on environmental performance analysis and data visualization. Also, he developed the Generative design methods which aim to find a better solution for design problems with Karamba and energy analysis, and he engaged in installations based on the research of human flow and C# processing. His projects include studies from human behavior to urban infrastructure systems.

In his undergraduate study, he participated in the SDC 2018 competition, a 3-years real project competition, which gave him a good understanding of the material, structure, and innovative design workflow. He is currently working in NO ARCHITECTURE as an Internship Designer, working on competitions and NYC renovation projects

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